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Our Services

C&C Security Services is licensed to perform all the private security services requested by the customer. And our experience highly qualified officers are prepared to evaluate and facilitate security ideas for the outcome of a job done in teamwork

Crowd Management

Crowd management for large events is vital for safety and the enjoyment of everyone in attendance. Our security service and well-trained supervisors warrant that all services will be performed in a timely and first class manner.

All Venues

Our regular check will maintain safe and secure facilities by following local and federal laws, to enforce rules and procedure established by you at all times. Part of our functions is to provide a safe environment in which we avoid firearms or any dangerous object that are meant to threaten the safety of the staff, co-workers, general public and the property.

Security Escort

We have international experience with escort and artist protection. We have served as escort and protection to many distinguished figures of the artistic environment, our officers are highly trained to provide security and protection services and transport to our clients with the greatest commitment and discretion.

“What make us different from others is our experience”

We believe our company will continue to comply to your venue and properties with the same excellence service that we have provided to our clients over the years in the security industries.

Our Specialities
  • In place security
  • Venues
  • Mass events
Few More
  • Security escort and artist protection
  • Corporate events
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